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Nov 06, 2018  · Backspace is the distance from the inside edge of a wheel to the mounting face. A wheel’s backspace is equal to ½ the wheel’s width + offset (in inches) + ½” (see image for reference). More backspace indicates that the wheel protrudes further into the wheel well and closer to the suspension parts — which increases the risk of rubbing

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Use our wheel offset calculator to calculate the difference in wheel and tire position when switching to different wheel offsets/backspacing or tire size. Input your current tire and wheel setup including wheel offset, then add the new setup to compare positioning.

Wheel Offset and Backspacing Explained wheel offset: distance between wheel mounting surface where bolted to hub of drum and centerline of rim. Determines vehicles “track” or distance between tires on each axle. Keep the wheel offsets as close to original as possible to avoid steering difficulties or wheel bearing fatigue. How to Measure Wheel BackSpace

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…high offset wheel or that your new Jeep wheels must have the right backspacing? Many drivers are familiar with rim diameter, bolt pattern and centerbore, but not offset and backspacing. Offset is the distance between the mounting pad and rim’s midpoint. The diagram to the right shows a wheel…

Offset/Backspacing Calculator. Width (in) Offset (mm) Backspacing (in) Vehicles w/these Specs. Wheel/Tire Size Comparison and Clearance. Current. New. Wheel Width(in) wheel offset(mm) height width . Diameter . Inner clearance: outer position: diameter

Wheel Offset/Backspace Calculator helps you find the wheel offset and backspace, the important measurements for positioning the wheel/tyre assembly inside the wheel well. It will help you to determine which wheels are adequate for your car.

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